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The Omerus is an international online and offline sales/marketing company for independent hotels. Our focus is to provide hoteliers, who looking to maximize their business in India and out of The India. By coordinating all the marketing efforts of a hotel such as Distribution on third party platforms -website, advertising campaigns, social media and yield consulting to name a few, we assist hotels in channeling their sales towards their most profitable channels.

Today The Omerus serves thirty of independent hotels/ resorts around in India, helping them keep up with the ever-changing world of online / offline marketing. The Omerus is recognized a leader in the field, not just because of the amazingly fast websites created but because the consulting and campaigns are efficient and generate an extremely high ROI for hotels.

The Omerus, mission is to drive business to hotels on their direct revenue channel, this means working together with OTAs, ensuring the distribution of the hotels is properly managed on all possible platforms so as to create a win-win situation where hotels increase their profits and benefit from the traffic generated from all channels. The "end game" is to ensure hotels get up to at least 60% of their revenues through direct channels, and then maintain that.